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COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT: The next course in metabolic measurement will be held in lovely Las Vegas in June 19-22 2018. It will teach participants how to use indirect calorimetry for metabolic measurement across a wide range of taxa, including but not limited to laboratory rodents. Measurement systems also include food & water intake, body mass monitoring, wheel running and voluntary activity. Data analysis - such as extraction of REE and AEE, analysis of circadian changes in EE, uptake and behavior, correlation between activity and EE, and much, much more - is a significant focus of the these courses. Click here for more!

Update! As part of the metabolic phenotyping course held at Sable Systems International several years ago, I introduced a startling new development - a multiplexed Promethion metabolic phenotyping system capable of obtaining excellent VO2 and VCO2 readings from successive cages in under fifteen seconds apiece. Thus, unlike Promethion's competitors in the field of metabolic phenotyping, you won't have to wait about 45 minutes for successive readings from a given rat or mouse in a 16-cage system. Instead, you'll get a new reading, a.k.a. cycle time, up to every two minutes - at least a twenty-fold improvement in throughput speed. This is achieved by the wickedly fast dwell time of under 15 seconds, by a number of trade secrets, and by splitting the analytical workload into 8-cage segments. Thus, you get the same record-breaking 2-minute cycle time whether you have 8, 16, 24, 32, or even 48 or 64 cages. This is in addition to second by second acquisition of sensor data from each cage in the system. Note that these systems offer superior temporal resolution to legacy continuous systems! This is because their time constant is 5x faster than the fastest legacy systems can attain, thanks to our analyzer technology.

Of course, if you have a real need for speed, a two minute cycle time is intolerable. In that case, Promethion also offers real, field-proven, up-and-running, non-vaporware (get the picture?) systems that update VO2 and VCO2 for every cage every second. These feats are only possible because Sable Systems designs and manufactures all of the equipment used in Promethion systems - the gas analyzers, optical benches, mass flow controllers, data acquisition systems, the works. Everything is optimized for reliability, accuracy, and the exacting resolution required for metabolic measurement. By Scientists, For Scientists, not by consulting engineers for non-scientists. Seriously, nothing in the field of metabolic phenotyping compares to Promethion in terms of resolution, advanced features and the revolutionary "data field system" concept. 

This is the companion web site to the book "Measuring metabolic rates: A manual for scientists", by John Lighton. The publisher is Oxford University Press. Of course, nothing is ever perfect, and this book is no exception. Click here for errata - and if you find any errors, please contact John

This web site is more than a book companion. It features detailed information on several areas of respirometry that John had no room to cover in his book. Among these are metabolic rate and other calculators, plus a series of articles in the blog on some of the latest and most controversial breakthroughs in metabolic measurement. Such as, a massive paradigm shift in metabolic screening systems made possible by "massively parallel" metabolic measurement engines and, if you can't afford those, by wickedly fast multiplexed systems. Many of the blog posts are influenced by the R&D component of John's day job as president of Sable Systems International. This is for your benefit. John also tweets discontinuously and can be followed on ResearchGate should you so desire. You have been warned.

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If you don't own the book yet, or would like to replace a copy your colleague refuses to return or pretends they've lost, you can purchase one directly from Amazon.com. If you prefer, you can buy an inscribed, signed copy of the book for $59.95 (postage free in the USA, at cost for the rest of the world) complete with errata list from John directly. Don't include credit card numbers - you will be contacted and a secure transfer will be organized. 

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This book is vital reading

John Lighton has probably done more to modernize and consolidate the field of whole-animal respirometry than any single person. And now he has written a book that explains all. I only wish that I had such a reference when I was in graduate school. This book is vital reading for anyone who does or aspires to do respirometry, but it is imperative for anyone who would trust a turn-key system for their data collection. It can save you from the perils of practicing respirometry without a license.

Theodore Garland, Jr
UC Riverside

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Why not share some of your respirometric triumphs and disasters? We promise to treat the two imposters just the same - there's something to be learned from failure and frustration, often more than is offered by easy success. Start thinking about ways you can communicate your experiences, good and bad, with metabolic rate measurement. Before long you'll have a chance to share those experiences on this site.